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Disordered Eating Orange County

Are you ready to deal with the negative effects of disordered eating in Orange County? An eating disorder can negatively impact every area of your life, including relationships, your job, friendships, finances, and mental health. Contact LIDO Wellness Center to learn how we safely and effectively treat disordered eating.

Treatment For Ptsd Newport Beach

LIDO Wellness Center is your place to find customized treatment for PTSD in Newport Beach. Trauma and stressor-related disorders are highly treatable with the right program; at LIDO WS, we've created a treatment protocol that addresses your individual symptoms and helps you begin to heal from trauma.

Bipolar Treatment Newport Beach

If you're on medication for bipolar disorder and have not seen positive changes due to your medication, LIDO Wellness Center invites you to learn about the benefits of holistic bipolar treatment in Newport Beach in our treatment center. We treat mental illness with safe, holistic methods that allow the body and mind to heal.

Cbt Therapy Near Me

Your search for cat therapy near me has brought you to LIDO Wellness Center, one of the most reputable mental health facilities in your area. We treat a wide range of mental disorders using cat and dbt, emdr, integrative dance movement therapy, neutron and bio feedback, and a number of additional protocols that are safe and very often effective.

Mental Health Outpatient Programs Near Me

As you search for mental health outpatient programs near me, please consider LIDO Wellness Center for treatment. Our outpatient transitional program can make it easier for you to step down from treatment and into another program when you're ready. Contact us for information about PHP, IOP, and outpatient transitional care.

Somatic Experiencing Orange County

With somatic experiencing in Orange County, you can learn how to change the outcome when you think about or remember past traumatic experiences. Modifying your response to trauma can lead to a better quality of life and substantially improved mental health; contact LIDO Wellness Center to learn more.

Outpatient Mental Health Facilities Near Me

With so many outpatient mental health facilities near me, it's not easy knowing which one is the best choice when you need help for a mental health disorder. Consider making a phone call to LIDO Wellness Center to explore treatment options and speak with our team about a tailored plan to help you live a better life.

Dbt Therapy Newport Beach

Through dbt therapy in Newport Beach, you can learn how to confidently and effectively deal with stresses and trauma without medicating or drinking. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is considered one of the best ways to modify your response to traumatic memories, negative thoughts, and everyday anxiety.

Dbt Therapy Near Me

Your online search for dbt therapy near me led you to LIDO Wellness Center, one of the most respected mental health treatment centers in the area. We treat a variety of mental health disorders using dbt and cat therapy, along with a number of additional natural treatments that are safer and more effective than Rx medicines.

Treatment For Bipolar Disorder Newport Beach

Finding the right treatment for bipolar disorder in Newport Beach can be frustrating. If you've tried conventional treatments and medications without success, get in touch with our staff at LIDO Wellness Center for information about our treatments and therapies that can help you life a better quality of life without medication.

Best Anxiety Treatment Centers Near Me

Consider speaking with our staff from LIDO Wellness Center when you're comparing facilities & programs and are looking at the best anxiety treatment centers near me. We're able to provide our clients with three levels of care, with programs designed to fully meet your individual needs. Read more about what we treat on our website.

Best Treatment Centers For Depression Near Me

What is it about LIDO Wellness Center that makes our facility one of the best treatment centers for depression near me? We take a holistic approach to mental wellness, meaning your program will be 100% customized and tailored to your individual needs. Read about 'What To Expect' when you arrive at our treatment center.

Trauma Therapy Orange County

Trust LIDO Wellness Center for tailored trauma therapy in Orange County. If you're medicating due to a traumatic past experience or are trying to cope with a lifetime of trauma, you should know that treatment is available and can be very effective in helping you heal. We offer three levels of care, including PHP, IOP, and outpatient transitional programs.

Mental Health OC

Taking care of your mental health in OC is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people you care about. If you're dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, or a co-occurring condition that involves drugs or alcohol, we can help you identify the core issues you're facing and provide customized treatment to help you heal.

Orange County Behavioral Health

Contact Orange County behavioral health specialists from LIDO Wellness Center if you're ready to get help for a mental health disorder. Healing begins when you commit to one of our programs and prioritize your mental health. You'll find free resources, information, and articles on our website to help you make the best decision for you.

Emdr Therapy Orange County

If you've tried treatment for a mental health disorder and failed to see positive results from your efforts, consider contact LIDO Wellness Center to learn about the benefits of EMDR therapy in Orange County. We take a natural approach to mental wellness that involves safe and proven effective protocols.

Emdr Therapy Near Me

I'm searching for a behavioral wellness center that offers EMDR therapy near me- where can I find a quality program? LIDO Wellness Center is pleased to offer our patients EMDR therapy and a number of safe and proven effective treatments that help the body heal from trauma and various mental health disorders.

Mental Health Treatment Orange County

Lido Wellness Center's program for mental health treatment in Orange County is one of the best in California. In an outpatient setting, we offer treatment and therapy for acute stress disorder, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and co-occurring conditions. View our list of therapies online or call us at 949-541-8466.

Iop Newport Beach

Call Lido Wellness Center today to find out about safe IOP in Newport Beach for treating a mental health disorder. Intensive Outpatient Programs are flexible Andean be customized to meet your lifestyle. We offer endless possibilities for recovery at Lido Wellness Center; feel free to contact our staff for program placement.

Iop Orange County

Did you know there's an IOP in Orange County that offers outpatient treatment for mental health disorders? Lido Wellness Center is one of the only facilities in the state offering IOP and PHP for treating mental illness and co-occurring disorders. What sets us apart from other facilities is the fact that we offer endless possibilities for recovery.

Iop Treatment Orange County

At Lido Wellness Center, we proudly offer patients the added option of co-occurring disorder IOP treatment in Orange County. We know that many patients are unable to commit to a long-term stay in recovery, which is why we have designed an IOP exclusively for co-occurring disorders that involve alcoholism or substance abuse.

Co-occurring Disorders Newport Beach

Get help for co-occurring disorders in Newport Beach, including addiction and anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, trauma, and personality disorders. Treating an addiction that is difficult to overcome starts with a phone call to Lido Wellness Center to learn about effective treatments like dual diagnosis.

Iop Treatment Newport Beach

Choose Lido Wellness Center for mental health IOP treatment in Newport Beach. Find out about therapies that will help yo heal from a mental health disorder without the use of medications or drugs. Experience private and comfortable outpatient treatment customized to your lifestyle and recovery needs.

Anxiety Treatment Center Orange County

Lido Wellness Center is widely regarded as the best anxiety treatment center in Orange County. We treat all types of mental illness, including anxiety & acute stress disorder, using state of the art techniques and therapies that are safer and often more effective than prescription medications. Contact us with your questions about treatment.

Tms Therapy Orange County

Do you have questions about alternative treatments for mental health disorders, such as TMS therapy in Orange County? Direct your inquiries to our staff at Lido Wellness Center to learn about modern treatments and therapies for trauma, severe depression, acute stress disorders, and bipolar disorder.

Php Treatment Center Newport Beach

Have you considered getting help for a mental health disorder locally in a PHP treatment center in Newport Beach. You don't have to travel far to find quality treatment in a safe environment; Lido Wellness Center treats a wide range of mental health disorders in a safe Partial Hospital Program geared toward your lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Newport Beach

Look no further than Lido Wellness Center for safe and effective dual diagnosis treatment in Newport Beach. If you're dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and have not been able to make lasting changes in your life, our treatment for co-occurring disorders may be the key to lasting recovery.

Mental Health Treatment Center Newport Beach

Get in touch with recovery specialists from Lido Wellness Center when you're looking for a highly reputed mental health treatment center in Newport Beach. If you're taking prescription drugs to manage a mental health issue, you should know that safe and effective therapy is available that doesn't involve Rx drugs or medications.

Trauma Treatment Center Orange County

Reach out to Lido Wellness Center when you need help overcoming a past traumatic experience. We offer patients two outpatient options when you're seeking a trauma treatment center in Orange County: IOP and PHP. If you're ready to begin healing from the past, get in touch with us today by calling 949-541-8466.

Depression Treatment Center Newport Beach

Doctor-prescribed medications for depression can leave a patient feeling worse than before they started taking pills. There's a depression treatment center in Newport Beach that treats severe depressive disorders using safer and just as effective methods, such as cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Php Treatment Center Orange County

Is there a PHP treatment center in Orange County exclusively for mental health disorders? Lido Wellness Center's Partial Hospitalization Program provides safe mental illness treatment and therapy in an outpatient setting, typically IOP and PHP. Request information about admission when you're looking for a place to heal.

Depression Treatment Center Orange County

Consider choosing Lido Wellness Center when searching for a depression treatment center in Orange County that treats patients using holistic therapies. Our methods of treating mental health disorders are safe and effective, providing real care to patients who are looking for outpatient services like IOP and PHP.

Php Orange County

Are you looking for a PHP in Orange County for mental health disorders? Lido Wellness Center has a flexible Partial Hospitalization Program designed to fit your schedule. Knowing that help is available for mental illness right in your community can give you a sense of peace; get in touch with us today to learn more.

Anxiety Treatment Center Newport Beach

Over the counter medicines and prescription drugs don't always offer an effective remedy for mental health disorders. Contact a local anxiety treatment center in Newport Beach that treats mental health issues using safe and effective protocols, including neurological and bio feedback treatment and EMDR.

Tms Therapy Newport Beach

Read about TMS therapy in Newport Beach online at Lido Wellness Center. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy is one of the numerous protocols used in our facility for addressing mental health disorders that have not responded well to conventional treatment. Ask our staff about TMS when you call 949-541-8466.
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