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Brain Stimulation Therapy Newport Beach

Brain Stimulation Therapy Newport Beach

The human brain has about 87 billion neurons, a fascination and mystery to the most advanced medical doctors. Today’s technology allows us to look at the brains of living and conscious people and pass them through exams and treatments with precise measures that produce extremely intentional results.

It is the first time in history to tell which is the most active part of the brain during different activities and apply solutions and techniques that improve its performance.

It is high time to consider getting into a rehab facility that uses brain stimulation therapy in Newport Beach because medication and traditional therapy can only do so much to touch on deep-seated issues causing mental and emotional imbalances.

Types Of Brain Stimulation Therapies

TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS stimulates the brain by using magnetic fields to charge the nerve cells. The medical team determines the type of magnetic energy to deliver by analyzing your brain and determining what amount of magnetic energy is sufficient for your emotional and mental state. There are little to no risks of TMS today because the technology is enough to minimize tangling, stop seizures and lessen headaches.

DBS – Deep Brain Stimulation

The FDA approved this treatment because it proved helpful for treating several mental and emotional imbalances, such as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Advanced rehab centers currently use it to combat significant depression and anxiety, which straightforward solutions like conventional medication and counselling would be impossible to resolve.

Brain stimulation involves using several electrodes to create a pulse in the brain and chest to touch on nerves that affect mood swings, insomnia, and calmness.

VNS – Vagus Nerve Stimulation
VNS uses a pulse generator to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is the section of the brain that controls your sleep pattern, mood and medical conditions like epilepsy. The FDA approved this treatment because science is advanced enough to support its safety, so you can expect to experience threats and harm as it was a couple of years ago.

ECT – Electroconvulsive Therapy

ECT is about using electric currents under general anesthesia to result in a short-term seizure that positively affects the chemicals and neurons in the brain. The last name of ECT was electroshock therapy because that is basically what it is, and it does treat several psychosis situations with controlled electronic stimulations.

ECT attracts a lot of negative connotations because people do not like the idea of experiencing a seizure, even if it is to the slightest degree. The reality of things is much different today, and medical technology has allowed a safer and better treatment so you can resume your everyday life within a couple of hours.

Lido Wellness Center is an anxiety and depression treatment center that has a couple of treatments and measures to improve the delivery and is fast to control side effects like muscle pain, nausea, memory loss, confusion and other issues.

Check out the complete list of all the brain stimulation therapy in Newport Beach, and contact us for a personalized consultation on any concerns on brain stimulation therapies.


Brain Stimulation Therapy Newport Beach

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