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Somatic Experiencing Orange County

Somatic Experiencing Orange County

A recent study reveals that 44% of patients who received somatic experiences lost the diagnosis of PTSD. LIDO Wellness Center offers somatic experiencing in Orange County with a group of skilled, dedicated, experienced, and friendly therapists and mental health experts.

What Is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

Somatic experiencing therapy is a essential aspect of PTSD and trauma treatment that helps individuals heal from traumatic memories. Peter Levine created this form of therapy and it works on the principle that trauma gets trapped in our bodies. Ultimately, the trauma's recurrence is what's responsible for the PTSD symptoms. SE therapists relieve the body of the trapped stress using various sensation, imagery, and behavior techniques.

Individuals who have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event often dissociate or disconnect from their bodies. Somatic experiencing therapy helps PTSD patients have an increased sense of awareness and undergo a comprehensive healing process. We are one of the leading trauma treatment facilities in Orange County with a trained and experienced team of behavioral therapists.

What Conditions Improve With Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

SE addresses and treats the trauma in your body and allows you to work through your emotional symptoms. It can help you overcome feelings of anger, guilt, and shame. Healing or freeing this experience you felt during a traumatic event can allow you to recover from the emotional experience.

SE therapy can alleviate the physical symptoms related to trauma and abuse. Somatic experiencing therapy can help you heal and recover from chronic pain, digestive concerns, muscle tension and pain, sleep problems, and respiratory issues. Once you heal from the physical symptoms, you may find it much easier to recover from the psychological symptoms. Contact one of the top-rated trauma and PTSD treatment centers to learn how SE therapy may help your situation.

Benefits Of Somatic Experiencing Therapy

Somatic experiencing therapy helps release the trauma trapped in the body and alleviates your emotional dysregulation. The human body takes the 'fight or flight' approach in times of danger or acute threat, causing increased heart rate, breathing, and improved focus. On the other hand, the body can also freeze at a time of danger. Children often freeze when exposed to physical trauma or mental distress. The freeze response is the same physiological response that causes some animals to exhibit the 'playing dead' behavior. Your body forgets to distinguish between physical and psychological trauma when it freezes.

People who experience the freeze response live with emotional trauma long after the traumatic event. The brain gets stuck believing that they are still in danger. The freeze response can manifest in cognitive and physical symptoms. You may experience confusion, detachment, difficulty concentrating, difficulty moving, slowed breathing, and lower heart rate. SE therapy helps activate the body's primitive defense against danger to help you overcome the freeze response and regain control over your thoughts and emotions. SE therapy is a quintessential part of our PTSD treatment program.

Your search for the best PTSD treatment in Orange County ends here. Call 949-541-8466 to sign up for our mental health treatment program. Your mind's connection with your body is much stronger than you think, making SE one of the most proven methods to address and treat several mental conditions. LIDO Wellness Center is one of the few mental health facilities to offer somatic experiencing in Orange County. 

Somatic Experiencing Orange County

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