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Tms Therapy

Tms Therapy

Patients on TMS therapy see a lot of improvements in the first couple of weeks and feel a lot better than expected. Most people appreciate that they can finally feel as though they have a grip on their life now and can take realistic steps towards stopping the cycle of triggers that plunge into depression and anxiety.

Is TMS effective for anxiety? TMS therapy is a long-lasting and effective treatment program that offers people with the worst mental and emotional states the ability to celebrate life and guarantee to live a better life ahead. We do not promise that each person will realize the same kind of benefits simultaneously because the results depend on the resistance of your depression and the intensity of treatment. On the other hand, people who were on previous medications and treatments for depression may gain clarity and lightness within a shorter timeframe, which means it is always better to combine TMS therapy with expert advice so you have the best chance at maintaining your results even after stopping treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMS

What Is TMS Therapy?

TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation, an FDA-approved treatment that uses magnetism to remap brain waves and allow better neurotransmission. TMS applies special magnetic coils on the scalp to send brain waves to the nerve cells of the cortex, which in turn results developing more control over your emotions and moods. A decade of research shows that TMS is encouraged for patients who do not find relief from using antidepressants and other forms of psychotherapies.

Does It Work The Same Way As ECT?

ECT is different from TMS because it uses electrical waves to stimulate the brain. You would need to undergo a lot of medical screening before getting ECT because the side effects are potentially adverse. In addition, ECT does require some anesthesia to ensure the treatment does not leave any cognitive impairment and only stimulates the targeted areas of the brain. Can TMS damage your brain? The TMS pulses are so soft that you will probably never feel them, which means it is best for patients with intense trauma and those who want little downtime before returning to their everyday lives.

What Are The Applications Of TMS In Therapy?

How successful is TMS? The FDA approved TMS as a valid treatment for depression and anxiety in 2008. There is a lot of evidence to show that it helps heal PTSD, which means it has a lot of applications for healing severe mental and emotional imbalances. Let’s explore some of the most common applications:


Depression makes the most straightforward tasks impossible to complete because your mind is too weary of making any decisions. TMS therapy promises specific improvements because it works on the part of the brain that manifests depressive thoughts.


PTSD happens when your brain cannot handle the memories and intrusive thoughts after a traumatic event. You must speak with a mental health expert at Lido Wellness Center about your specific issues, and we will, in turn, prescribe a solution that will offer precise treatment for your condition.

What are the side effects of TMS? In essence, our TMS therapy is all about outweighing the negative with the good, so you eventually boast of stable thought patterns and have enough energy to maximize your day-to-day life. Contact us online to book a free consultation session.

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