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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Orange County

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Orange County

As a person gets treated for mental illness, a healthcare provider is actively checking reactions to the dispensed remedy. For example, if a person suffers from major depressive disorder, and the drug administered alongside therapy does not result in a behavioral improvement, then treatment must change.

In rare cases, some patients do not respond to pharmaceuticals, therapy, or any form of traditional treatment. In these cases, some lesser-known procedures might be beneficial for a complete recovery.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Orange County

Our brains function with light electric currents that carry signals between areas of the brain. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Or TMS treatment) is a procedure that uses magnetic pulses to measure or stimulate the primary motor cortex and the peripheral nervous system to treat neurologic damage. It manipulates electric currents to either stabilize or induce them.

Such procedure must be dispensed by a TMS Provider. They are specialists in the field of neurology, with knowledge in radiology and phycology. They, alongside a team of experts in different fields, will evaluate each considered case to determine if TMS is the most appropriate treatment for the condition.

How it works

A patient must be in contact with a TMS service provider with their medical history and proof of referral. Then, a TMS therapist and their professional team will clear the patient.

During the procedure itself, the expert will attach a magnetic coil to the patient's head (based on anatomical landmarks). Then, this coil will be connected to a pulse generator that will create magnetic fields. Those magnetic fields will use magnetic induction to stimulate electric currents in the brain.

The treatment can be administered either in single pulses or repetitive currents according to the patient's needs.

Therapeutic uses

Continuous research has shown that TMS offers great results when used to treat depression. As it subtly alters the cortex, it provides stimuli for better electrical conductivity.

Furthermore, it is being studied as a promising form of treatment for degenerative neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autism, and bipolarity, among others.

Worried about side effects? 

The use of TMS for depression has not resulted in adverse effects during or after treatment. The biggest risk is fainting, and even that is very rare.

As a promising treatment in the neurological field, TMS is still being researched, as its implementation has resulted in positive responses while its mechanism of action remains unknown. 

LIDO Wellness is a cleared provider for TMS treatment in Orange County, and we rely on our team to dispense such treatment when the case allows for it.

Traditional treatment should always be the first option, as most cases should respond to a healthy combination of psychotherapy and medication. This results in long-lasting habits that will help patients to live better lives.

However, TMS is a great option in patients whose issue is tied to fundamental brain processes. As a non-surgical procedure without long-term negative consequences, there is little to lose and much to gain.

For any questions on TMS, depression treatments, and consultations, call LIDO Wellness Center for an integral approach for health.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Orange County

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