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Treatment For Bipolar Disorder Newport Beach

Treatment For Bipolar Disorder Newport Beach

LIDO Wellness Center offers the best treatment for bipolar disorder in Newport Beach with a dedicated team of therapists at affordable prices. We help individuals overcome trauma and PTSD using proven and science-based therapies like CBT, DBT, EMDR, somatic experiencing, etc.

Do I Have Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder causes extreme mood swings. Patients may experience emotional highs called mania or hypomania. Alternatively, you may feel emotionally low, which can develop into depression. Bipolar disorder can be of many types, and the symptoms can vary depending upon the changes in your mood and behavior. You should seek treatment for Bipolar from one of the trauma treatment facilities if you have one or more of these symptoms:

  1. Bipolar I disorder - You have had at least one manic episode before or after a hypomanic or major depressive episode. A manic episode may trigger a break from reality and cause psychosis.
  2. Bipolar II disorder - You have had at least one major depressive episode and one hypomanic episode but never a manic episode.
  3. Cyclothymic disorder - You have had at least two years of hypomania or depressive symptoms. The duration of the symptoms can also be in your childhood or teenage years. Cyclothymic disorder symptoms include intermittent psychological highs and lows that become more pronounced over time.

If you are unsure if you have bipolar disorder, consult a psychiatrist at one of the top trauma and PTSD treatment centers for an accurate diagnosis. Make sure to seek PTSD and trauma treatment in the early stages of your mental health condition to prevent it from worsening and leading to adverse health implications.

Importance Of Receiving Treatment For Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is serious mental health that you should not take lightly. Leaving the condition untreated can result in drug and alcohol abuse disorder, experiencing suicidal thoughts and tendencies, legal or financial problems, and damaged relationships.

Besides, you could end up losing your job and ruining your reputation. Sign up for a top-rated PTSD treatment program as soon as possible to prevent your bipolar disorder from worsening.

Can I Prevent Bipolar Disorder?

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to foresee a hypomanic or depressive episode and prevent bipolar disorder. However, getting PTSD treatment in Orange County soon after you spot the sign of a mental health disorder can help you prevent bipolar disorder. If you have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, here are a few strategies that can help prevent your symptoms from transforming into full-blown mania or depression:

  1. If you have identified a pattern to your bipolar episodes, you can note down your triggers. Contact your doctor immediately if you're experiencing manic or depressive episodes.
  2. Involve your family members or friends in watching for warning signs.
  3. Avoid drugs and alcohol as these can worsen your symptoms.

The sooner you receive treatment for bipolar disorder in Newport Beach, the higher the chances of getting well. Call 949-541-8466 to verify your insurance with us. LIDO Wellness Center offers the best PHP, IOP, and outpatient programs to those suffering from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, and other mental disorders. Entrust your recovery to us, and we will help you begin a liberating wellness journey.

Treatment For Bipolar Disorder Newport Beach

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