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What To Expect

We are Here to Listen and to Help

When you are ready to learn more about improving your life to live fully without the burdens you carry, we know the most important thing we can do is listen. From the moment you reach out and contact us, we treat you as an individual with a unique set of circumstances.

Sometimes life puts us on a course that we recognize is not healthy and is preventing us from living the life we had imagined.  We understand that reaching out is often difficult. For many of us, knowing what to expect can ease our minds and help us understand our next steps. When you decide you are ready for help here’s what you can expect from us:

Prior to Admission:

  • During a phone call with our admissions specialist, you’ll receive all the information you need about our program
  • We will review finances and insurance benefits. You will receive a quote so you know what your out-of-pocket expenses will be
  • You will have a thorough clinical intake assessment with our founder and licensed clinician to gather information and review your history to ensure you would be good clinical fit for a successful treatment experience

First Day:

  • You will be greeted by an administrative team member who will sit with you and review all your intake paperwork, enroll you in our electronic communication system, and gather any additional information necessary to provide to your medical and clinical team members
  • You will meet with our co-founder/director of finance to answer any questions pertaining to finances/insurance reimbursement
  • You will meet with a clinical team member to review your treatment plan and answer any questions pertaining to the program day, as well as review the first week program schedule
  • You will be receiving a personal tour conducted by a member of our administrative staff
  • You will complete an initial admissions survey to gather valuable information about your baseline of functioning and to inform our team how we best can support you in your healing journey, including specific symptoms to address
  • You will join your first group

First Week:

  • You will meet with your primary therapist to complete the initial intake assessment to gather information for developing your Master Treatment Plan Goals
  • You will meet with your psychiatrist to complete the initial medical assessment
  • You will meet with our psychiatric nurse for the initial medical assessment
  • If indicated, you will meet with our trauma specialist for an initial assessment
  • If indicated, you will meet with our registered dietician for initial assessment

Arriving to Lido Wellness Living residence

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What should I bring?
  • Comfortable clothes with layering options
  • Bathing Suit with appropriate layering options*
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Prescribed medications
  • Toiletries

*This will be relevant to the specific timeframe/season you may be residing

Can I bring my car?

Yes vehicles are allowed but discouraged due to parking challenges.There is not designated parking, as we are in a beach community with only metered street

I have limited space in my suitcase, will I be able to go shopping when I arrive?

A staff member will be available to assist you with transportation upon arrival to purchase essential items such as groceries and toiletries to help you feel comfortable and ready for programming.

What items are provided at the residence?
  • Comfortable bedding, towels and blankets.
  • Cooking supplies including preparation materials, cookware and utensils.
  • Transportation to local grocery stores upon arrival and throughout stay.
  • Bikes with locks are assigned to all residents to allow ease of getting around the peninsula and to programming.
What items are not allowed at the residence?
  • Drugs and/or alcohol of any kind
  • Weapons including knives, guns or any forms of explosives
  • Medication not currently under the guidance and direction of your treating psychiatrist or
  • Items that may be offensive to others – this may include clothing items that are revealing or have suggestive material including drug paraphernalia
  • Animals
What is the drug/alcohol policy?

Lido Wellness Living residences are substance-free environments. No use of alcohol and/or mind-mood altering substances is allowed. All residents are tested upon arrival and throughout their stay to ensure an environment of safety and wellness.

I’m traveling from out of state- what are the COVID-19 procedures?

Lido Wellness Living is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of our residents and we complete a thorough screening process during the initial intake screening assessment. Based on the outcome of this screening, it may be required to complete a rapid antigen COVID-19 test upon arrival to the residence. Patients providing confirmation of a completed vaccination dose will not be required to undergo testing upon arrival. Frequent washing of high-contact surfaces, handwashing and communication of any symptom changes are procedures taken to promote the safety and wellbeing of all residents and staff.

I don’t have transportation. How will I be able to get to the residence?

A Lido Wellness Living staff member will be happy to pick you up from the airport and ensure
you arrive comfortably at the residence.

First Day at Lido Wellness Living residence

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What happens when I arrive?

All residents are greeted by a staff member to review all of the residence paperwork including
the rules, living expectations and contact information. Residents will be given a tour of the
residence and provided a welcome binder which includes local activities and easily accessible

I need help getting groceries and/or additional personal items, who should I contact?

A staff member will be happy to assist you in getting to the grocery store and/or a store to
purchase essential items including groceries, toiletries or additional items to help you feel
comfortable while you are residing with us.

What is the visitation policy?

Only residents currently residing at Lido Wellness Living residence are allowed at or around the
property. This is to promote the safety, comfort and wellbeing of all residents.

Throughout Your Stay

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I would like to visit friends or family out of the area. What is your overnight policy?

Overnight passes must be requested at least 72-hours prior to the anticipated overnight and
decisions are at the staff’s discretion for approval. No overnights are granted within the first 30 days of entry to the homes to promote getting acclimated and comfortable within the home and with fellow peers.

What time am I expected to be up each morning?

Lido Wellness Living promotes restoring supportive behaviors, with sleep being of utmost
priority. Therefore, residents are required to wake by 8 a.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. on
weekends. Quiet hours begin at 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and are extended to 11 p.m.
Friday and Saturday.

I would like to extend my stay at Lido Wellness Living. Who do I talk to?

Our Program manager is your point of contact for any matters pertaining to length of stay, financial obligations and/or if you have any concerns of complaints to address.


I am not just renewed. I AM NEW. I am found new in this freedom that breaking up the trauma has brought. I feel a true sense of clarity and oneness to the highest degree ever in my life. I was able to fully fall into trust with Lido Wellness Center and your clinicians. I was mightily impressed by the overall integrity, clinical and administrative competencies. You instilled such confidence in me about the paths and processes that lead to deep healing. I leave better and strengthened on all levels.

- Alumni, Lido Wellness Center

Going to Lido Wellness Center gave me a second chance at life. It equipped me with the tools and resources necessary to live my life the best way I can. I wouldn’t trade my time at Lido for anything. It was priceless to me and I’ll carry it with me for the rest of my life. I’m eternally grateful to the team I had around me that was dedicated to my recovery.

- Alumnus, Lido Wellness Center

Lido Wellness Center saved my life. I am endlessly grateful for the knowledgeable, empathetic, and supportive staff members that truly went above and beyond to provide a safe space to heal. Each staff member showed me kindness like I had never experienced before, and believed in me even when I was struggling to believe in myself. It is clear that the Lido Wellness Center team genuinely cares about every individual that walks through those doors, both during treatment and beyond through alumni services. Choosing to fully dive deep into treatment at Lido was one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions I have ever made, and I am now living a life that I never thought was possible.

- Alumnus, Lido Wellness Center

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