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What We Treat

An Overview Of Mental Illness

Mental health is the foundation for emotions, thinking, and learning. It’s also key to relationships with family members or friends as well as personal emotional well-being which can affect society at large in many ways. 

Mental illnesses are a group of serious health conditions that involve changes in a person’s emotions, thinking, and behaviors (or a combination). They cause distress and problems in all aspects of life, including social activities such as work/school, or relationships/interactions with family and friends. Mental disorders do not discriminate, as these conditions can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender, and socioeconomic status. 

Some people may have a pre-existing mental illness, but for many, it is often difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms, as they don’t always appear the same way for everyone, and may be similar to other types of conditions.  until later on when they start affecting all aspects of your daily life. 

Sadly, the percentage of adults with a mental illness who do not receive treatment has increased. There are many reasons for the demand for help not being met, including stigma (feelings of shame, guilt, and fear), financial burden, and other reasons such as denial.

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Prevalence Of Mental Disorders

Mental conditions are extremely prevalent, and in 2019, nearly 52 million people or 1 in 5 (20%) of adults throughout the United States experienced some form of it in their lifetime. Mental illnesses include many different conditions that vary in degree of severity, ranging from mild to moderate to severe. Three-fourths of individuals develop a mental disorder by the age of 24. Women are up to 40% more likely than men. 

Luckily, mental disorders are diagnosable and can be treated with professional help and care. The vast majority of individuals with mental illness can continue to successfully function in their daily lives.

What We Treat 

At Lido Wellness Center, we’re a leading provider of mental and behavioral health services. Our care and treatment solutions have been proven to help patients manage and overcome their illnesses. 

Our team understands that while many people may be suffering from mental illness, everyone may not be doing so in the same manner. 

Whether you are battling a mental health disorder such as anxiety and depression, enduring a stressful period in life, or aren’t sure what you need but know something is wrong, we’re here to help. You don’t have to feel isolated and alone any longer. Know, that having a mental illness is nothing to be embarrassed by or ashamed of. 

As your health needs are most important to us, we will give you the tools and resources necessary to be able to lead more stable lives with less struggle. Our mental health specialists and medical professionals offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a variety of mental health conditions including:

Therapy For Mental Health Disorders

Overcoming mental illness is a challenge. To help cope with mental health issues, talking with a therapist or counselor can help you deal with negative thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, and stressors. 

Mental health counseling isn’t just for people who struggle with mental illness, but for anyone in need, or who has concerns about their mental state. Whether you are dealing with stress in your life, relationship problems, or anything else that weighs on one’s mind; therapy for mental health has been proven to be a successful treatment method for mental illness. 

What To Expect During Therapy 

During therapy, people will receive an educational experience where they learn more about themselves, including their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Individuals will gain new life and coping skills to help educate them on how to best handle triggers and concerns when they arise and alleviate the burden so that they don’t take over your life any longer. 

In addition, during mental health counseling, people will learn information related to their conditions, and others, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. As a result, they can gain a better understanding of the treatment options available to them.

Psychotherapy helps people with mental disorders with the following:

  • Understand the behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that contribute to their illness and learn how to modify them.
  • Identify any life events, such as a death in the family, trauma, loss of a job or relationship that may be contributing to the root of their mental health issues, and learn how to confront them head-on. 
  • Learn healthier ways to address problems with coping techniques and problem-solving skills.
  • Learn to work better with others and communicate more effectively.
  • Regain confidence/self-esteem, and a sense of control and happiness in life.

There are many different types of evidence-based therapies that have been effective when used to help people with mental health issues. Traditional methods and alternative holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation have been effective for individuals who may not respond well to just medication and conventional forms of treatment. Lido Wellness offers the following types of therapy for mental health treatment: 

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The Lido Wellness Center Difference

Lido Wellness Center offers compassionate patient-centered care and a haven for individuals suffering from a variety of mental conditions, including trauma and mood disorders. Our compassionate team of mental health specialists and counselors utilize a holistic mental health approach when it comes to diagnosing and treating mental disorders. 

Our customized treatment methods are tailored to a person’s unique needs with the purpose of treating a person as a whole, instead of examining just one physiological aspect. This method has proven successful, as our specialists have been able to discover the root cause of what has led to the development of one’s stressors and mental health issues quicker and more effectively. 

Levels Of Care

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health treatment. Treatment must instead be tailored for the individual, as some problems vary greatly from person to person even among those with a similar diagnosis. 

Mental health treatment and navigating the different levels of care can be a difficult and confusing process. The first step in receiving care for your condition is typically an evaluation from one of our mental health professionals, who will help determine what treatment program, either IOP or PHP is right for you or your loved one.

A Leader In The Treatment Of Mental Health Disorders

Treatment can be a confusing and daunting experience for people, but our goal is to make it as seamless as possible. For others who have experienced multiple treatment centers or it’s their first time, we want this experience to not only be informative but also life-changing. 

We know firsthand just how difficult life can be when mental illness dominates every aspect of someone’s life. At Lido Wellness Center, our facility offers the most comprehensive mental health treatment in Newport Beach, California, and the surrounding areas. 

Our treatment programs are designed to provide patients with personalized care, tailored specifically for them and their needs. This includes outpatient care in addition to clinical therapy and other mental health services, so everyone has someone they can turn to when going through this challenging and stressful time in their lives.

To accurately manage and diagnose mental health conditions, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that you or a loved one, receives the highest quality treatment in a safe and comfortable setting.

We’re Here To Help Transform Your Mental Health

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At Lido Wellness Center, our treatment programs also allow patients to learn the necessary tools such as life management skills, to be able to properly cope with their conditions, while simultaneously restoring a sense of purpose in life. Individuals will receive the care they need with minimal disruption to their daily lives, so they can focus on getting well.

Our expert psychiatrists, medical professionals, therapists, and counselors, are ready to provide personalized and compassionate care to best meet your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our mental health services, and how together we can get you or your loved one on the path to a brighter and healthier future. Feeling better is a phone call away.


I am not just renewed. I AM NEW. I am found new in this freedom that breaking up the trauma has brought. I feel a true sense of clarity and oneness to the highest degree ever in my life. I was able to fully fall into trust with Lido Wellness Center and your clinicians. I was mightily impressed by the overall integrity, clinical and administrative competencies. You instilled such confidence in me about the paths and processes that lead to deep healing. I leave better and strengthened on all levels.

- Alumni, Lido Wellness Center

Going to Lido Wellness Center gave me a second chance at life. It equipped me with the tools and resources necessary to live my life the best way I can. I wouldn’t trade my time at Lido for anything. It was priceless to me and I’ll carry it with me for the rest of my life. I’m eternally grateful to the team I had around me that was dedicated to my recovery.

- Alumnus, Lido Wellness Center

Lido Wellness Center saved my life. I am endlessly grateful for the knowledgeable, empathetic, and supportive staff members that truly went above and beyond to provide a safe space to heal. Each staff member showed me kindness like I had never experienced before, and believed in me even when I was struggling to believe in myself. It is clear that the Lido Wellness Center team genuinely cares about every individual that walks through those doors, both during treatment and beyond through alumni services. Choosing to fully dive deep into treatment at Lido was one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions I have ever made, and I am now living a life that I never thought was possible.

- Alumnus, Lido Wellness Center

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