Arianna Carbino

In her position in Clinical Outreach Professional and as Discharge Planner at Lido Wellness Center (LWC), Arianna enjoys the opportunity to empower and support LWC patients in their recovery journeys. Her passion for behavioral healthcare is founded in her previous personal and professional experience. Prior to joining LWC’s elite team, she specialized in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders at the detox/residential level of care. Having overcome similar challenges in her own life, she has dedicated her life’s work to encouraging and assisting others on their journey toward a healthier, more confident life. She joined LWC for love of their mission, in trust of the founders’ vision, and through recognizing in her team members, the professionalism and drive for helping people that she exhibits herself.

One of Arianna’s primary roles is to develop trusting referral relationships with partners in the behavioral health field by connecting with treatment programs and providers who have clients needing LWC’s services.  She also assists in placing patients after they’ve completed care with LWC and reaches out to and connects with patients after their return home. She finds it extraordinarily rewarding to have the opportunity to follow-up with patients’ progress and to learn how they are flourishing after having completed their programming with LWC. Through her work, she is able to witness the personal growth and shift in each LWC patient as they find peace and serenity within themselves. She is proud of LWC’s attention to clinical detail in their program placement and recommendations. Furthermore, she appreciates that LWC bridges the care gap by providing an outpatient offering that prepares patients for the real world and strives to serve as the last treatment episode that patients will require in their recovery journeys.

Arianna received her psychology degree from Antioch University. In her free time, she enjoys boxing and Muay Thai to keep her body and mind healthy. She also enjoys spending time in nature hiking, swimming in the ocean, and sitting outside reading on her back porch.  She further maintains mental and physical health by practicing yoga and meditation.


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Paris Armstrong

As an office coordinator, Paris prides herself in being the ‘go-to’ person for patient needs and ensuring excellence in the administration of care by crafting patient schedules, answering all questions, and providing for patient welfare. She works closely with care teams and support staff and she applies her academic background and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) care certification to provide quality wellness assistance. She goes above and beyond in this role by supporting patients through her compassionate nature and general aptitude for exemplifying Lido Wellness Center’s patient-centric mission. Notably, Paris’ favorite aspect of the job is interacting with patients—getting to know them by talking with them about their passions, goals, and support systems. She feels strongly about fostering Lido’s continued growth and enjoys constantly learning from and being inspired by her colleagues.

Paris graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Chapman University and plans on attending graduate school with the goal of pursuing social work. Paris also follows Lido’s wellness philosophies in her own life by practicing self-care—her favorite form being spending time at the beach journaling, exercising, and relaxing. Paris also enjoys cooking and baking for her roommates.

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Shannon Hill

Shannon Hill

The personal experience of seeing loved ones struggle with mental health concerns has propelled Shannon toward her life goal to help others. As she works toward earning her degree at Golden West College to pursue a career in nursing, she serves as Lido Wellness Center’s Front Office Coordinator helping patients in a multitude of ways begin their journey to recovery.

Shannon provides positive energy by starting individuals out at LWC as she helps them create their daily treatment schedules, organize and coordinate appointments, research and answer questions, and/or just lend a listening ear if needed!  She enjoys building relationships with patients to form a trusting rapport while being an essential part of their treatment team dedicated to providing them with the solutions they desire.

She has worked within residential treatment facilities in the past and admits that her real joy comes from helping people on a deep level and through her ability to converse with patients to ease their concerns and help them grow through their mental health journey. She derives great satisfaction from seeing patients become empowered and learn to overcome obstacles while moving resolutely toward their goals. Being a giver of hope is what she has always strived to do, and she believes she is in a caring place that does just that. She sees LWC’s approach as wholesome and pure and feels surrounded by others who care as much as she does.

When she isn’t working, or hitting the books, she enjoys reading, meditating, writing, and exploring nature. She describes herself as a spiritual person and loves making time to travel and see new places.



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