Katie Ronquilllo

As an Admissions Specialist, Katie works with patients and their families, understanding their experiences, matching the best program to meet their unique needs, and providing support in their recovery journey. Katie has extensive experience in the Orange County recovery community. She previously worked with a nationally renowned dual diagnosis treatment center where she recognized both the prevalence of mental health disorders and the immense importance of its identification and co-treatment alongside substance abuse disorders. Her experience lends understanding of the dangers of undiagnosed and untreated co-occurring mental health conditions and acknowledgment of the fundamental role mental illness plays in the presentation of other disorders.

Inspired by the strength of LWC’s patients and the tireless devotion of its staff, Katie enhances the patient treatment experience through her cultivated expertise and boundless enthusiasm. For her, the most rewarding aspect of working at LWC is witnessing the healing journey of the patients and the broad impacts on their families. Katie acknowledges that the passion of the staff, as well as LWC’s treatment philosophy of attending to gaps in care by focusing on the whole patient, is what makes LWC the perfect fit for her. She believes that the level of dedication, professionalism, and specialization of each clinician at LWC is unmatched.

Katie is a proud alumnus of the University of San Diego where she studied Business Administration. She later continued her education by becoming a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach and Interventionist. When she isn’t working, you can find her applying LWC’s principles of balance and wellness in her own life, enjoying time spent with family and friends, and taking walks on the Back Bay in Newport Beach.

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Arianna Carbino

In her position in Clinical Outreach Professional and as Discharge Planner at Lido Wellness Center (LWC), Arianna enjoys the opportunity to empower and support LWC patients in their recovery journeys. Her passion for behavioral healthcare is founded in her previous personal and professional experience. Prior to joining LWC’s elite team, she specialized in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders at the detox/residential level of care. Having overcome similar challenges in her own life, she has dedicated her life’s work to encouraging and assisting others on their journey toward a healthier, more confident life. She joined LWC for love of their mission, in trust of the founders’ vision, and through recognizing in her team members, the professionalism and drive for helping people that she exhibits herself.

One of Arianna’s primary roles is to develop trusting referral relationships with partners in the behavioral health field by connecting with treatment programs and providers who have clients needing LWC’s services.  She also assists in placing patients after they’ve completed care with LWC and reaches out to and connects with patients after their return home. She finds it extraordinarily rewarding to have the opportunity to follow-up with patients’ progress and to learn how they are flourishing after having completed their programming with LWC. Through her work, she is able to witness the personal growth and shift in each LWC patient as they find peace and serenity within themselves. She is proud of LWC’s attention to clinical detail in their program placement and recommendations. Furthermore, she appreciates that LWC bridges the care gap by providing an outpatient offering that prepares patients for the real world and strives to serve as the last treatment episode that patients will require in their recovery journeys.

Arianna received her psychology degree from Antioch University. In her free time, she enjoys boxing and Muay Thai to keep her body and mind healthy. She also enjoys spending time in nature hiking, swimming in the ocean, and sitting outside reading on her back porch.  She further maintains mental and physical health by practicing yoga and meditation.


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Karen Meisels

Karen Meisels’ unique experience has made her a valuable resource in connecting clients and families to superior treatment and mental health services. Karen is motivated by the desire to ease people’s pain and suffering and guides them to solutions that best fit their needs. She deals with sensitive, complex and confidential patient issues on a daily basis, and creates a safe environment that fosters holistic treatment and evidence-based practices by providing clear direction for patients, families and professional colleagues.

Karen has an eclectic and diverse background. Prior to transitioning into behavioral health, Karen was a well-respected veteran in the entertainment industry as a producer and casting director for over 14 years. She then went on become a producer on A&E’s ‘Intervention’ where she handled crisis management, treatment placement and case management, while establishing lasting relationships with clinicians and treatment programs throughout the nation. Karen’s philosophies and values align with Lido Wellness Centers principles of wellness, and she is dedicated to helping people find the right services for their needs.

She is trained in the Trauma Resiliency Model and is a trained Interventionist, a Certified Recovery Coach, and a Certified Nutrition Coach with a specialty in Plant Based and Ayurvedic Nutrition.

Karen enjoys an active, healthy lifestyle practicing yoga, playing tennis, rollerblading, and meditating daily to improve her mind, body, and spirit to keep her grounded and balanced.

Karen’s mantra in all areas of life and business is to serve, uplift and support others as they rise to be the very best version of themselves.



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Emily Byrd

As a Clinical Outreach Professional, Emily embodies the connection that Lido Wellness Center (LWC) has with the community as a go-to resource for individuals seeking mental health treatment. She works to develop and cultivate relationships to raise awareness for people to live their best lives.

With the ability to reference her own personal journey of recovery she brings a passion and appreciation for others seeking wellness. She is at home with the LWC team and the workplace culture and respects the diverse backgrounds and multitude of accumulated life experiences that each member brings. She marvels at how all paths diverge to a place where everyone has a common goal and unyielding mission to help patients find their true, happiest, healthiest selves. She knows the comfort that the LWC team provides to its patients which clearly communicates the core values of the Center with the assuredness that patients never have to walk the path alone.  

For Emily, the rewards of her position are hearing the continued success stories of LWC patients and the opportunities to meet clinical professionals and interact with them during the treatment experience. She believes that the collaboration of the LWC team in combination with the openness and willingness of patients to trust and put in the work, will result in a path to healing. 

She considers herself fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of someone’s wellness journey and can identify with the level of freedom that recovery brings. For her, it is the ultimate motivator to persevere no matter what challenges life reveals. Working in an environment that supports and encourages wellness as a way of life inspires Emily daily to be the best version of herself, including using her skills as a trained chef and fitness instructor. She is a great cook who enjoys sharing a lovingly prepared meal with friends or enjoying the outdoors hiking camping and golfing. When she isn’t at work or working physical fitness and meditation into her daily routine, she’s always ready and grateful for the next adventure to be had!

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