Celisa F

Celisa Flores

Celisa Flores, PsyD is an accomplished mental health professional with over 20 years of experience as a therapist, marketer, and educator. She is currently the Director of Clinical Outreach at Lido Wellness Center, where she helps the community find resources and supports providers through education and training on identifying when a higher level of care referral is necessary. In this role, Celisa works to bridge the gap between patients, providers, and Lido Wellness Center, bringing together her expertise in clinical psychology and marketing to connect people with the best mental health treatment possible.

Celisa’s experience as a therapist, coach, and program director have given her a unique perspective on the needs of the community, providers, and patients. She has been a speaker, trainer for mental health providers, and currently teaches as an adjunct professor at The Chicago School in Los Angeles and Hope International University. Celisa has also received additional training that has prepared her for her specific role, including certification as a trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation facilitator, and training by MAPS to provide MDMA-assisted therapy.

Celisa’s impressive educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Biology & Psychology from California State University, Fresno; a Master’s degree in Counseling MFT Option, also from California State University, Fresno; and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Irvine. She has also had business training, which helps her to understand the administrative and organizational needs of a clinical outreach role.

Her commitment to her work and her clients is reflected in her daily routine, which includes a daily meditation and yoga practice, as well as volunteering in her community. She also finds time for personal interests, such as reading, listening to music, and traveling, which helps her maintain her own mental wellness.

Overall, Celisa Flores, PsyD’s extensive experience, education, and dedication to her work make her a standout mental health professional who is committed to helping people find the support and resources they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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Jodi T

Jodi Tilley

Jodi Tilley is the Director of Admissions at Lido Wellness. Having started her career in social work in 2012, she quickly developed a passion for mental health care and transitioned to working in this field in 2015.

In her current role, Jodi is responsible for helping clients and their families navigate the admissions process from the first call through to their arrival at the facility. With her empathetic nature and active listening skills, she builds trust with her clients and finds the way to best serve them no matter what their situation might be. She also handles determining finances and insurance coverage, coordinating admissions assessments to establish treatment plans and identify the best providers, arranging start dates, and even providing transportation from the airport to the facility.

Jodi’s strong understanding of health insurance coverage, interpretation of benefit information, authorization of benefits, and medical necessity makes her an invaluable asset here at Lido. She also works tirelessly to build and maintain close, effective relationships with field marketers, referents, and internal staff to increase admissions and ensure a smooth transition from admissions to intake.

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona, as well as a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Chicago School for Professional Psychology, Jodi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Outside of work, Jodi is an advocate for maintaining mental wellness and enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, as well as engaging in activities such as gardening and various art projects.

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Desirae Sheldon

Desirae Sheldon, with a decade of experience in mental health and addiction treatment, brings a blend of organization, compassion, and understanding to her role as an LVN and Office Manager. Her journey in this field is marked by a deep commitment to creating a positive and efficient environment for both patients and staff.

As the Office Manager, Desirae’s primary responsibility is ensuring the smooth operation of the clinic. This involves coordinating the activities of patients and staff, a task she handles with a mix of professional acumen and genuine care. Her role is pivotal in maintaining the harmony and efficiency that are essential in a therapeutic setting.

Desirae’s career in mental health treatment has seen her in various impactful roles. She has been a Program Director and a Nursing Supervisor, positions that not only demanded a high level of responsibility but also helped her develop the organizational skills and experience necessary for her current role.

What truly sets Desirae apart as a high-quality worker is her balanced approach: she is as organized and efficient as she is compassionate and understanding. This combination is crucial in a field that requires both a structured environment and a deep empathy for individuals undergoing treatment.

At the heart of her work, Desirae values the team environment and the joy of helping others. She finds immense satisfaction in seeing patients progress and improve, a testament to her dedication to their well-being.

Desirae’s educational background includes a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) qualification, a solid foundation for her diverse roles in mental health treatment. While she hasn’t pursued additional training specifically for her current role, her extensive experience speaks for itself.

In her personal life, Desirae maintains her mental wellness by engaging with nature and activities that bring her joy and relaxation. Hiking, spending time at the beach, practicing yoga, and enjoying moments with her dog are ways she finds balance and rejuvenation. These activities not only support her well-being but also enable her to bring her best self to her professional role, further enhancing her ability to support and inspire those around her.

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Ashley Lona

Ashley Lona understands that she has an important role to play as a vital part of helping people struggling with emotional health challenges when they seek assistance at Lido Wellness Center (LWC). Ashley works both with LWC patients and insurance providers on billing and claims follow-up, enabling patients to pursue the treatment they need.

With a background in finance in the behavioral and mental health industries, she is passionate about assisting with timely claims processing and in ensuring that she obtains the highest reimbursement possible to reduce patients’ out-of-pocket costs. She knows that helping patients sort out the practical financial essentials related to their treatment program provides patients with a peace of mind that follows when a caring individual is dedicated to working closely with them to settle their financial obligations.

Ashley enjoys being a part of an organization that shares a common vision and dedication in helping others – whether patients or employees. She is energized by the personal and professional growth opportunities she sees within the mental health industry that is dedicated to helping people. This energy translates to her role in helping individuals be able to shift their focus from practical concerns of treatment to their own healing and treatment. Ashley incorporates self-care into her daily routine with healthy eating and nightly walks with her family.

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