Kathie Gillet

Dr. Kathie Gillet has served in the field of Behavioral Health care for more than two decades.  Her experience includes working as a clinical director for the largest private addiction treatment provider in the state of Washington, as well as clinical manager, business development and director of quality assurance for integrated health programs in Alaska, Washington, California and Hawaii. Her formal education is in Psychology, Behavioral Health Sciences, Human and Organizational Development, Social Justice and Transformational Learning. She is recognized for directing multiple resources to work as a unified team and impacting positive organization change.

Kathie’s mission is living a life of sacred service, participating simultaneously as a teacher and a life learner. Her knowing is awakened through experience. The emphasis of Kathie’s work and her research is focused on embodied learning, critical empathy, cultural leadership and the relationships between healing from trauma and mental health and addiction recovery. She is passionate about educating professionals and community providers to help them provide service delivery that is relevant to their communities.  Her work honors the wisdom of cross cultural traditions, building inclusive environments and the power of community to heal.

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Olivia Hodges

Olivia Hodges is the dedicated Front Office Coordinator at Lido Wellness Center, where her journey in mental health treatment is both personal and professional. Olivia’s path to this role was guided by a deep-seated passion for mental wellness, rooted in her own experiences and a desire to support others.

Having joined the mental health field just this year, Olivia has quickly adapted to her role at Lido Wellness Center. Her responsibilities as Front Office Coordinator involve ensuring that both the clinical team and clients are well-prepared for the day, a role that requires both keen organizational skills and a compassionate touch.

Before her current position, Olivia’s professional life revolved around environments that emphasized self-care, such as day spas and holistic health centers. These experiences, though not directly related to mental health treatment, honed her ability to connect with and support individuals in their journey of self-care and wellness.

Olivia’s commitment to mental health advocacy began in her adolescent years, following her own diagnosis of depression and anxiety. This personal connection to mental health challenges, combined with her family’s experiences, has given her a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the importance of support and empathy in this field.

In terms of her educational background, Olivia holds a degree in Business Office Administration, a foundation that complements her role at Lido Wellness Center. When asked about what she values most in her work, Olivia emphasizes the importance of being a safe space for patients and supporting them in their daily achievements, while also maintaining high standards in her performance and organization.

Outside of work, Olivia nurtures her own mental wellness through creative and introspective activities. She engages in journaling, writing music and poetry, and finds solace in nature through walks and adventures in the mountains. Additionally, her interest in self-awareness and growth is fueled by reading books on these topics, continually broadening her understanding of the human mind.

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