Alexis Maron MA

As a Drama Therapist and Psychodrama Facilitator at Lido Wellness Center (LWC), Alexis loves exercising creativity in the many ways she supports patients. Before joining the LWC team, Alexis worked for a decade in treatment centers as a Drama Therapist, specializing in substance abuse, sex and love addictions, dually diagnosed clients, and women recovering from trauma. She proudly joined the LWC team because of its wide-reaching reputation and stellar staff, eager to commit herself with the same excellence and level of care.

In her practice, she incorporates the use of Drama Therapy techniques to urge clients outside of their comfort zone by safely pushing their boundaries through the use of physical and verbal expression of their emotional experience. By providing a safe and secure place to facilitate personal growth and healing, Alexis guides patients through cultivated activities, role playing, and dramatic interactions specifically designed to promote positive behavioral changes, improve interpersonal relationships, and improve mental health and emotional well-being. One of her favorite experiences is facilitating Psychodrama scenes with her patients and witnessing the immediate resulting impact. For Alexis, the most rewarding aspect of working at LWC is being given the opportunity to thrive in such a supportive and professional environment, surrounded by a highly collaborative and skilled team and supported by the vast resources made available to LWC staff and patients.

Alexis is a proud UCLA Bruin where she received her BA in Musical Theatre. One of the highlights of her life was taking a leap of faith at 25 and moving across the country to New York City to attend New York University to earn her Master’s in Drama Therapy. In attending to self-care in her personal life, she maintains a philosophy of balance, listening to what her body needs in any given day. She makes it a priority to be active or move throughout the day by running, stretching, or working out. She also attends to her mental and emotional health by stimulating her mind with music and podcasts as a way to reward herself through relaxation. Alexis also runs a private practice in which she works primarily with individuals and couples and also facilitates a drama therapy group for adults with Down Syndrome in partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County (DSAOC). She believes that there is no perfect formula for incorporating wellness and self-care into one’s personal life, so she does her best to remind herself that every 24 hours brings something new!

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Alysa Osvog

Alysa is dedicated to facilitating experiential and educational groups at Lido Wellness Center (LWC) that help move energy into healthy new patterns. She brings a welcoming and organic leadership style to Lido Wellness as she empowers patients to not only practice mindfulness, but she also works with them to find their personal strength and wellspring of resilience to help them bring peace into their daily lives.

Alysa’s teaching style is inspired through helping her patients find their freedom to explore topics that represent what is most relevant in their lives at the moment. She feels the most satisfaction from her work when she sees the lights come back on in her patients’ eyes – what she describes as going from “dull hopelessness to undeniable awe and wonder.”  She believes that while everyone goes through phases of darkness and is sometimes blindsided by chaos cycles or the spirals of despair, there is value in pausing, choosing to plug into sustainable sources of energy, and then allow life to take that positive turn. That ability for patients to effectively pivot to ground themselves into the truth of who they are is abundantly supported at Lido Wellness where individuals have the opportunity to find a safe and effective place to pause, learn, and heal.

She feels at home working at LWC, which she perceives as an oasis for real recovery where patients are truly seen and heard, which allows them to not only feel safe and supported, but in turn allows them to support one another. She believes the camaraderie with the clients who seek healing at LWC goes beyond trauma bonding where the environment is conducive for healing. She sees Lido Wellness Center as a place that has raised the bar for treatment centers with its high standards and ethics combined with a great physical space, strategically created schedules to help patient heal, and the qualified and dedicated professional team.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Alysa went on to Florida International University earning her graduate degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She then went on to explore her own personal healing journey and became a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2012. While teaching yoga and meditation mostly in therapeutic settings, she discovered writing to also be a cathartic form of release and soon became a Certified Gateless writing coach to help others move through words. She is interested in learning more about the mind/body connection and is exploring more about somatic experiencing, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and the energetics of healing. She is proud to begin each day with a meticulous morning routine of meditation, journaling and physical movement.

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