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anxiety treatment center Newport beach

Anxiety Treatment Center Newport Beach

Life is easy for some and hard for others. Most of the time, life tries to put you through some unhealthy course designed to prevent you from living the life of your dreams, which in turn brings about anxiety.

As common as the word is, it is important to understand what it means. Anxiety is simply the overwhelming worry of future realities. When such worries join hands with fear, they create anxious thoughts and feelings which is not good for you or your loved one. When this becomes your consistent mood, it has a way of affecting your health to the extent that the only solution will be to seek therapy in an effective anxiety treatment program.

However, you must be circumspect enough to choose a results-oriented anxiety treatment center if you live in Newport Beach.

What does it feel like to have anxiety?

When you consistently tend to be anxious, everything makes you uncomfortable. This is not limited to being tense, uneasy, and having fearful thoughts of something bad looming. Your anxious state often manifests in deep worry and insomnia. This is followed by physical ailments like nausea, diarrhea, and muscle tension.

You indirectly invite serious health issues like rapid heart rate, palpitations, chest pain, and other cardiovascular concerns when you ignore anxiety. There is also the possibility of your anxiety increasing your blood pressure.

Symptoms of anxiety and distinction with stress

Some of the symptoms of anxiety are; excessive worry, restlessness, confusion, irritability, panic attack, insomnia, etc. Although these symptoms may be similar to that of stress, anxiety is different from stress. The major difference is that if you are diagnosed with anxiety, your excessive worries do not disappear even when the triggers are non-existent.


Many treatment centers today offer anxiety disorder treatment using different programs and approaches. However, only a few utilize evidence-based practices or have experienced medical professionals to cater for their patients. Listed below are factors when considered will help you choose the right anxiety treatment center in Newport Beach;

Ensure the center provides individualized treatment plans.

Anxiety disorder treatment is most effective when personalized. Since each person’s anxiety disorder is personal, each client should have individualized treatment that suits their symptoms. Your duty is to find a medical center in Newport Beach that offers specific anxiety and depression treatment.

The center must provide CBT & ERP Therapy.

The major question to answer before choosing an anxiety treatment center is, do they provide CBT & ERP therapy? If a center says they specialize in treating anxiety disorders, they must provide accurate exposure and response prevention therapy tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Do the staff approach anxiety treatment with integrated care?

The mental health center of your choice must adhere to international best practices and have in place a multi-disciplinary team that has the client’s best interest at heart. You deserve to be exposed to medical representative(s) of high repute, armed with vital information in the area of your mental conditions or need.

Do they offer detox treatment programs too?

Anxiety disorders can be complicated, which informs why the center of your choice should offer detoxification treatment programs as well, in case your specific anxiety disorder requires that.

These helpful tips are what you need to make the right decision. Call us to learn more about our mental health treatment services.

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Anxiety Treatment Center Orange County

Anxiety is a normal part of life. We all feel anxious before taking a test, when faced with a crisis at work, or making an important decision. But for people suffering from an anxiety disorder, the anxiety does not go away without help and can worsen over time. It can cause suffering to those who are affected. The stress of an anxiety disorder can shatter families and destroy relationships.

If you’re seeking anxiety disorder treatment in Orange County, LIDO Wellness Center has got you covered. We are committed to making mental health treatment more available to everyone. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about anxiety treatment.

What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive, persistent, and unrealistic worry about things. People with this disorder experience nervousness even when there is no reason for concern. Signs of anxiety disorder can vary and include flashbacks, panic attacks, or fear of social interaction.

What are the causes of anxiety disorder?

It’s challenging to find the exact causes of anxiety disorders. Our understanding of the root cause of anxiety disorders is incomplete. Anxiety disorders may develop from different risk factors, including personality, genetics, brain chemistry, and life events.

What are the treatment options available for anxiety disorder?

Treatment for anxiety is not one-size-fits-all. It’s based on your needs and preferences in most cases and includes medication or therapy. Please consult with our doctor or therapist to discuss your options. They will get a proper diagnosis and learn about your treatment options, length of treatment, side effects, and other health issues to help you decide on the best treatment approach for you.

How long does the treatment take?

The length of treatment for anxiety disorders varies, but most people see success within three to four months, depending on the severity of symptoms and individual circumstances. However, treatment may take longer if you have more anxiety disorder or suffer from depression, drug or alcohol abuse, or other co-existing conditions.

Will I have to take anxiety medication throughout my life?

Some people continue anxiety disorder medication to help manage symptoms, and others may only need it for a few months. Here at LIDO Wellness Center, we believe that treatment for anxiety disorders needs to meet the needs of each patient. Therefore, our anxiety treatment looks at your entire mental and physical health for a complete recovery.

Will I feel “normal” again?

Over the years, anxiety disorder treatments have improved. With the advancement in treatment, many people enjoy a full and happy life without getting limited by their disorder. Here at LIDO Wellness Center, our anxiety therapist will work with you to help you find the right care. This can mean both immediate and longer-lasting relief.

If you have any more questions about anxiety treatment in Orange County that was not answered here or would like to schedule an appointment to start taking back your freedom and peace of mind, please give us a call at 949-541-8466.


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